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 The Truth About Living is that we are conscious creators of our lives. In every moment, we are setting our thoughts and energy towards positive momentum, feelings of love, bliss, gratitude, passion, contentment, joy, prosperity, hope and appreciation or we are setting ourselves up in ways that do not serve us - lack, scarcity, resentment, anger, judgments, blame, pessimism, depression, confusion or fear.

Which state do you want to be promoting in your life?
This meditation collection was created especially to guide you into beautiful states in your life.  Thank you for being here. In gratitude, Bridgett

The Love, Renewal and Peace Collection

The Calm & Center Meditation Album


This beautiful meditation album is designed to support you through feelings of unease, stress, anger or disconnection.

* One Conscious Breath (5 mins.)
* Calm & Well-being (10 mins.)
* Releasing Anger (18 mins.)
* From Fatigue to Energy (23 mins.)
* Silent Personal Retreat (10 mins.)