Love, Presence & Soul

Are you a massive entrepreneur ready for a deeper expansion of love & soul growth?

My private 1:1 coaching clients are often through invitation and referral. I devote immense energy to each client and only take on ten each year. I'm grateful you found me and am happy to connect with you to determine if we are good fit. Simply apply below!

What Your Private Sessions Will Look Like...

  • "Bridgett's love for people is so real, it could scare unprepared souls..."

  • * Experience the powerful feeling of self-love, love for others and connection, which will allow you to be an even more extraordinary leader and presence on this earth

  • You are a dream builder
  • * Tap into your inner self, intuition or guidance through mindfulness and meditation. This will allow you to operate in life & business from a place of deeper knowing

  • * Achieve true fulfillment & happiness by healing from the past, letting go of any blocks, judgments, confusion, anger or resentments, so that you can live in a state of absolute peace, presence with your children and relationships & joy

  • Be here now
  • * Break out of the cycles that are preventing you from living your next level of fullest potential. Go beyond business & lifestyle and go deep. Let's do the inner work to move forward in love and light. 

  • Experience an extraordinary session with Bridgett first-hand. The light within you will shine even brighter.

About Bridgett

Bridgett is a beautiful soul like yourself, who has been on a dogged mission to answer the big questions of life. Why are we here? What is this life all about? What is our purpose? What is God?

While Bridgett doesn't pretend to have all of the answers, her studies and life experience have shown her one simple, yet extraordinary answer. 


Love may be the answer to everything. 

Your power rests in surrendering to what is, the now moment. It is this gorgeous dance between loving where you are & who you are and moving towards constant expansion.

Bridgett Tulloh

Coach, trained at one of the top schools in the world, Duke IM

Mother of two extraordinary boys

Podcaster with 30k downloads on iTunes, iHeartRadio and TuneIn

Lover of life

Award-winning Blog on Consciousness